s3 PROVIDES tailored Safety solutions for the waste management industry including industrial activities, household & hazardous waste collection, refining, landfill and spill management.

Waste Management exposes workers and members of the public to a number of unique risks every day.  Activities such as high pressure water jetting (HPWJ), Vacuum Loading, hydro excavation, oil recovery and refining, treatment of hazardous waste and significant vehicle activity from household and business waste collection all post immediate risk to people.

Longer term health & environmental exposure from activities such as landfill management, chemical treatment etc also need specific controls to manage.

To assist our clients in keeping their workforce, assets, reputation and environment safe we offer a range of tailored solutions including but not limited to:

  • HSE System Development
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Stormwater Management including plans, monitoring and remediation advice
  • Emergency Management including plans and spill management 
  • Crisis and business continuity planning
  • Industry specific training solutions
  • Audits and Assurance Programs
  • Incident Investigations and Regulatory Management 
  • Traffic Management Planning
  • Dangerous Goods Solutions (Training, System Development, GHS advice, Transport & Storage of DGs)
  • Audit preparation for accreditation and self-insurance (National WHS self-insurance audit)

We have a proven track record in delivering high quality solutions to clients including the largest waste management providers in Australia.  Please get in touch for more information