We believe that we can provide sustainable workplace safety & wellbeing solutions to companies of all sizes to help create safer workplaces.

We do this by challenging the standard way of managing health & safety and bringing a fresh approach to our solutions.  With a demonstrable track record of success with major clients across Australia and the United Kingdom we are business partners that deliver cost effective safety & wellbeing solutions for our clients.

S3 is a health & safety consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia that operates both nationally and internationally.

What does S3 stand for?
S3 was named on the 3 elements that form the foundations of each solution we provide.

  • Simple – Each solution must be simple and easy to understand;
  • Sustainable – Each solution must allow self-management and be cost effective;
  • Scalable – Each solution must be able to expand or contract with the requirements of the business.

Our history
S3 (S3 Safety Group Pty Ltd) was formed in 2018. We believed that a different approach was required to how workplace health & safety was managed and following success with number of large national and international companies in driving cultural step change it was determined that there was an opportunity to take this approach to more companies with the goal of creating sustainable and cost effective safety solutions.

Starting initially in London, our experience consisted of managing the safety on multiple small and large scale projects that ranged from individual residential construction through to airports and the olympic village and other large scale civil engineering projects.

A few years later, we relocated to Australia where our experience moved to transport, logistics, waste management, mining operations and oil & gas.  Working with companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP Biliton, Centurion, Cleanaway, Woolworths, Coles, Woodside, Chevron, South32, Viva Energy, Orica, Toll, Avcon Projects as well as small businesses has allowed us to develop scalable solutions that encompass simplicity, promote consultation and individual empowerment to allow businesses to really ‘own safety’.  

If you’re interested in finding out more or want to arrange an initial meeting then please get in touch