In the event of a serious incident or a high potential incident it is important that you have the capability to respond in a quick manner to support those involved and then capture key information to assist with the investigation to determine a root cause for the purpose of implementing controls to prevent a repeat incident.

While this is being conducted, you also have to preserve the scene, manage regulators and the media.

Significant incidents can be life changing for those involved and also create significant legal expense and reputational damage that can make it unviable for a business to continue trading, unless managed correctly.

S3 can support this approach by providing the following:

  • Initial scene attendance and data gathering;
  • Facilitating full incident investigations using ICAM methodology;
  • Managing communication to the regulators;
  • Providing contact with specialised health & safety lawyers for the purpose of conducting investigations under legal professional privilege.
We are experienced in managing high profile incidents including fatalities, process failures, road traffic accidents and significant near misses, please contact us at the earliest opportunity in the event of an incident for initial advice.
"To have an accident is unfortunate. To have an accident and learn nothing from it, is unforgivable"
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